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Speed up design development

As the old saying goes ‘time is money’ and never more so than in property. The longer it takes to get from purchasing a site to having a finished development the more money is being lost. By producing CGI’s in the early stages of the design process it can aide both architects and developers fully understand how the design interacts with its environment and highlight features that need attention before designs are signed off. Whether its changing the brick stock, the colour of rendered panels or the buildings fenestration, a virtual reality illustration can enable you to make the right decisions quickly.

At London Road, Reigate we produced a range of illustrations over the period of around six months. This helped the developer make key decisions, regarding the suitability of the designs, and were aides in the planning process. Changes ranged from brick colours, arrangement of curtain walling to the removal of an entire floor. Being able to see realistically how a design element would impact the building meant they could have the confidence to push the design forward quickly.

Architectural Visualisation

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