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3D Architectural Visualisation, Illustration and CGI

HMA 3D are a specialists Architectural Visualisation, Illustration and CGI company. We have be producing some of the leading architectural images for over 10 years and have a vast amount of experience in translating architects and developers ideas and design into photorealistic computer generated images for use in both marketing, planning applications and generating funding.

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What is Architectural Visualisation, Illustration and CGI?

Architectural visualisation is used by architects, developers, agents and marketing design companies to show how a development will look after completion. It’s a highly cost effective way to have what appears to be a finished building with out laying a single brick. This enables developers to test the water on a development; pre let or even sell space before committing huge sums of money into construction. Visuals and illustrations are also frequently used as part of the architectural planning process to help convince a planning committee of the validity of the development.  Having an architectural illustration produced is always about more than just creating photorealistic images or pretty animations though, its is about creating competitive advantage giving you a way to show your designs and development in a compelling way to secure that pre-let or planning permission.

Under the Architectural Visualisation umbrella come a few specific areas, the main two being

  • Architectural Visualisation, Illustration and CGI (Still Images)

  • Architectural Animations, Walkthroughs and Flyrounds (Animated movies)

Within the field of still architectural images we then have two further two sub categories

  • External Architectural Illustrations

  • Internal Architectural Illustrations

Internal illustration tend to be produce later in design process of the building and more often used for marketing or to aid in the design of space, but its not unusual for these to be produced early on to wet the appetite of a potential investor or tenant and very often can be produce indicatively from little more than and architects or developers ideas.

External architectural illustrations are often used in brochures and web sites to market the building but also during the early planning application stage of a development to aid the process with the various planning departments.

Animations are mostly used for marketing a development and again are split into the two areas of external and internal animation (although quite a lot will have some element of both) and can be delivered in a variety of ways from DVD to internet streams.

All our architectural visualisation and illustration is produced in house by our dedicated team of CGI and animation specialists. A basic project would work in the following way:

  • Initial contact from a potential client

  • Contact made with Architects to get plans for quotation

  • Quote returned for approval

  • Further contact made with architect to get detailed information

  • Initial 3D model is built and returned to the architect for comment

  • View or animation paths are agreed

  • Amendments made to the 3D model to reflect comments

  • Further feedback opportunity

  • Final amendments

  • Final finishes and rendering

Because each 3D image we produce is bespoke and tailored to the individual project the process can vary.

HMA 3D currently have offices in Yorkshire and London and are happy to meet with a potential client anywhere across the UK to discuss your requirements further.


Architectural Visualisation

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